ImTranslator Comparison Tool
Responding to our users' demand, we have developed the translation Comparison tool which translates and compares the translation results between various translation engines. The current version supports the following online translators: Babylon™, Google™, Microsoft® and others.


The online translators support different number of languages: 7 in PROMT-Online, 28 in Babylon™ Translator, 35 in Microsoft® Translator, and 38 in Google™ Translate. Therefore depending on the selected language direction, the translation Comparison tool may show various comparison results.
The Comparison tool displays translations side-by-side which makes it easier to determine which translation engine provides best translation result. The comparison tool hides the brands and randomizes the positions of the results until you choose the best translation in your opinion.
Make your choice and click the I LIKE THIS button to display the translators' brands.
Back Translation
Use the Back translation feature as a quality check on the original translations. By comparing the back translation to the source text, you can adjust the original text using other wording and potentially get more comprehensible results.
The back translation tool automatically translates the target (translated) text back to the original language. It should be noted that the "back translation" doesn't always generate the exact original text due to the asymmetric sentence structure and word meaning in different languages. However, this feature may give you additional benefits to make sure your text is understandable.
Text-to-Speech tool converts the text into natural sounding speech for the following languages: American English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and European Spanish. These voices presented by animated speaking characters read the text in the most realistic human-sounding way.
You can listen to the translation or original text and follow the words on screen. The pronounced text segments are synchronously highlighted for easy following.
You may create an audio link with the spoken text and copy the link with a voiced message to an email or embed the audio link to a website.
Copy Text
Click on the Copy icon to select the translated text. Then use the copy command at your browser's Edit menu, hot keys CTRL+C (Copy) to copy.
Print Translation
Use the Print button to print the chosen translation.
Send Email
You can email the translation directly from the ImTranslator.
Use the Email button next to the chosen translation to open ImTranslator Mailer.
The translation will be automatically transferred to the email form along with the original text. If you don't want to email the original text, just uncheck the Original text box.
If you want to receive a copy of your email, check the box "Send me a copy".
Note: Don't expect a copy of the sent email to appear in your email program. Send Mail is an application that only allows you to send email through a web form by ImTranslator email Server.

List of Available Languages

ImTranslator provides the most convenient access to the online translation service powered by various machine translation engines in over 30 languages. It includes online translator, dictionary, text-to-speech (text to voice), virtual keyboard, spell-checker, Russian decoder, back translation, translators comparison tool and printing service.
•  Japanese
•  Korean
•  Latvian
•  Lithuanian
•  Malagasy
•  Malay
•  Norwegian
•  Persian
•  Polish
•  Portuguese
•  Romanian
•  Russian
•  Serbian
•  Slovak
•  Slovenian
•  Spanish
•  Swedish
•  Thai
•  Turkish
•  Ukrainian
•  Urdu
•  Vietnamese
•  Welsh
•  Afrikaans
•  Arabic
•  Bulgarian
•  Catalan
•  Chinese (Simplified)
•  Chinese (Traditional)
•  Czech
•  Danish
•  Dutch
•  English
•  Estonian
•  Filipino
•  Finnish
•  French
•  German
•  Greek
•  Haitian creole
•  Hebrew
•  Hindi
•  Hmong
•  Hungarian
•  Indonesian
•  Italian
Translations powered by: Google, Bing and other translation engines.
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