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Spellink Server is a web-based application, which implements multilingual spell-checking capabilities in a web application. Spellink delivers full-featured high-quality tool for accurate input and error free information on the Web in 8 languages.

Spellink Server functionality is based on a sophisticated morphological engine, which derives lexical word forms from the dictionary to provide accurate spelling results.

Spellink allows users to change the language on-the-fly in order to check spelling in a multilingual document.

Spellink Server supports custom dictionaries with editing capabilities. It includes the options of setting the spelling preferences that affect the way the spell-checker works.

Spellink Server works via standard client-server model and provides COM interfaces for its core functions. It can be installed as a component on any NT-machine and be easily maintained as a web-server on the top of Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Spellink Server Features

Multilingual capabilities - spell-checker in 8 European languages
Multilingual text processing - changes the spelling language on-the-fly during the spell-checking session
Morphological analyzer module - analyzes the entry and generates accurate spelling suggestions
User dictionary - adds unknown words to a user dictionary at run-time
User dictionary editing - modifies or deletes entries in a user dictionary
Spelling options - sets various spelling preferences to make the spell-checking process more accurate
Case sensitive - incorrect capitalization can be reported as a misspelling. Spellink dictionaries contain correct capitalization forms
Repeated words detection - detects repeated words and suggests its deletion
Multiple clients - processes spell-checking requests from multiple clients simultaneously
Available now:
New languages can be developed per customer's request.

Windows 2000/XP
IIS 5, 6
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
MS IE 5.5, 6.0
Netscape 7.0, 7.1
Opera 7.5
FireFox 1.0

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