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As businesses expand into global markets they are faced with a challenging linguistic barrier. In the hopes of overcoming this obstacle and capturing a bigger market share, numerous services get translated and localized for the foreign market.

While these multi-language websites and services do an excellent job at conveying information to the customers in their native tongue, the end-user is still faced with the dilemma of interacting with the provided content. Features such as search, email, forms/surveys, forums, and customer service become unreachable for the users because they require specific system configuration and/or specific tools on the user's machine. Imagine, for example, how inconvenienced the customer becomes during travel when typing in English on a French keyboard or entering a Russian or an Arabic search query on an English keyboard.

Web sites that are meant to connect people all over the world from many dynamic locations and many computing platforms suddenly become unavailable to a very broad spectrum of audiences.

Smart Link Corp provides web based solutions and native tools that are designed to improve our clients' business process by integrating language technology into business applications, such as content management systems, CRM, databases, portals and internal systems.

Our Virtual Keyboard will allow your customers to conveniently enter text on foreign keyboards without any settings changes or installations. Our translation tools will help you keep your websites updated in many languages as well as ease the flow of multilingual communication in customer service/support. Our built in spell checker will assure greater accuracy of communication in multi-text box and multilingual forms. Our dictionary translates as you type in twenty language pairs and is a useful reference as an embedded tool in web mail, forums, blogs, etc. Finally our language decoder solves problems related to an incorrect display of Russian characters in emails, web applications, etc., by converting Russian characters between different encodings.

All of these services can be licensed or run on our remote servers eliminating the need for IT staff. Additionally, these tools can be either embedded or floating on your company's web pages and accessed from most popular operating systems and browsers.

Integration of Smart Link Corp solutions into your services or applications will significantly enhance their accessibility and convenience, and in this way increase your site's potential in reaching multilingual web audience.

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