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E-mail is an essential form of communication in this digital age, especially in the international community. As national boundaries in communication fade however, the linguistic barriers remain due to various glitches in the web mail technology. Our decoder for the Russian language can solve one such problem. Often web mail programs have different encodings for Russian characters; as a result users that use different web mail programs may not be able to read each other's Russian text.

By incorporating the Decoder as a tool in your web mail program, you can allow users to convert incorrectly displayed Russian characters into readable Russian text. This application can be licensed or run on a remote server so you can avoid an IT staff. Try the fully functioning Smart Link Decoder application which has been embedded in a web mail interface.

Only supports Russian encodings
Converts 1 byte text into its correct Unicode encoding
Identifies 5 of the most common encodings: KOI-8, DOS, Mac, ISO, UTF-8
Supports transliteration
Converts incoherent text into understandable format
Compatible with most popular browsers
Fast and easy setup
Smooth integration with your web mail interface with just one tag
Small size minimizes download times
Skin varieties are available to fit your styling needs
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