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Spell Checker : Tool for CMS or intranets

With globalization, businesses must adjust their intranet applications and CMS to an international workforce. The majority of these systems however, do not have a spell-checking option for more than one language.

By integrating Spellink into your intranet applications or CMS, you can help users spell-check their messages in 8 languages, reducing miscommunication and in this way increasing the overall efficiency of your employees. For multilingual text, Spellink has an option to change languages at any point of the checking process, without having to go back to the beginning of the text. Furthermore, Spellink can spell-check multiple text boxes with just one click. This application can be licensed or run on a remote Spellink server so you do not need an IT staff. Try the fully functioning Spellink with multiple text boxes.

Specializes in spell-checking multilingual text in 8 languages (see Web mail demo)
Option to checks multiple text boxes with just one click
Option to specify a different spell-checking language for each text box (see CRM demo)
Works flawlessly with most popular browsers
Fast and easy setup
Smooth integration with your web mail interface with just one tag
Interface features include copy / paste / cut / delete / print / email text / help
Small size and interchangeable skin
Available with multiple interface windows for convenience
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