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Virtual Keyboard : Web based touch screen keyboard

The new wave of touch screen kiosk technology is to use web based applications as they allow a more efficient way of data collection. However the input source technology of touch screen has not been keeping up with this trend. An elegant solution to this problem is to replace this old input technology with the Virtual Keyboard, a web based application which does not require any hardware or software installations. The Virtual Keyboard is available in 58 languages and can either be licensed or run on our remote server so you do not need of an IT support staff. Try the fully functioning Virtual Keyboard on your touch screen kiosk.

Java script based, does not require any additional downloads or plug-ins.
Convenient, customizable and clearly visible design
Compatible with any touch screen
Optional sound features for keystrokes available
Inputs text into any text field on the page in over 30 languages
Does not require regional settings changes or installations
Compatible with most popular browsers
Fast and easy setup
Smooth integration with your web mail interface with just one tag
Customizable design for maximum versatility
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