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Virtual Keyboard : Protection against key logging

Key logging is an increasingly serious problem as companies transfer many of their services and support to the web. While this trend makes these services more convenient for customers, and more cost effective for businesses, it also increases the amount of private and sensitive information that can fall prey to key logging.

By incorporating the Virtual Keyboard into your site's security measures you can protect private information on your site, by having users enter in sensitive information through the Virtual Keyboard. Try the fully functioning Virtual Keyboard, which can either be embedded on the web page or have floating capabilities

Java script based, does not require any additional downloads or plug-ins Customizable design for maximum versatility
Intercepts and blocks physical keyboard input Inputs text into any text field on the page in over 30 languages
Does not require regional settings changes or installations Fast and easy setup
Smooth integration with your web mail interface with just one tag Compatible with most popular browsers
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