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Virtual Keyboard : Web mail add-on

Email is an essential form of communication in this digital age, especially across national boundaries. As national boundaries in communication fade however, the linguistic barriers remain. Imagine, for example, how inconvenienced the customer becomes when typing in English on a French keyboard or entering a Russian or an Arabic search query on an English keyboard.

By adding our Virtual Keyboard to your web based email application, you can make such problems obsolete. This tool allows users to choose from over 58 language keyboard layouts and directly click on the letters of the virtual keyboard, or use the physical keyboard to enter text. This application can be licensed or run on a remote server and requires no installations. Try the fully functioning Virtual Keyboard which has been embedded in a web mail interface.

Java script based, does not require any additional downloads or plug-ins.
Inputs text into any text field on the page in over 30 languages
Does not require regional settings changes or installations
Compatible with most popular browsers
Fast and easy setup
Smooth integration with your web mail interface with just one tag
Customizable design for maximum versatility
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